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Thoughts Basement Office

posted by: Dizzy149 on 01.28.2014 at 08:00 pm in Remodeling Forum

We are doing a lot of renovations in our home in April/May. One of the things we are finally getting around to is putting in a dedicated office for me. I work from home and am in my office 8-12 hours a day 5-6 days a week.

The goal is to have something nice and comfy for me in the basement. I am a night owl, so I don't need lots of big windows (and prefer not to), so the basement is perfect. The biggest issue currently is that the 10x12 room has 4 concrete walls and is COLD.

We will be framing it in 2x4 and using foam insulation in the walls and ceiling to help with thermal regulation, as well as noise reduction (since I like to turn up Pandora, and my wife's office is directly above mine).

I have a large computer and 3 large screens, so a large desktop area is important. I also need a decent "working" area that is not directly in front of the screens. I like lots of leg room as well since I'm one of those people who cannot hold still. I am constantly moving my legs, swiveling in my chair, etc. I was always banging my knees into the sides of my old desk. I have an L desk now that is OK, but it literally falling apart.

I have a large desktop computer, two printers, a scanner, and two (not small) phones, so I need a lot of desktop real estate.
I keep folders for each of my active projects, and archive them upon completion for later referral, so I need filing space.

Then of course I have my office supplies like reams of paper, ink cartridges, toner, drums, etc.

I am not sure what to do about the desktop. I originally had granite, but the budget is getting really tight, and I don't think I really need it in the office. In the kitchen it makes sense, but less so in the office. Other solid surfaces seem to be as expensive, so formica, or laminate top seems to make most sense. I'd appreciate other's thoughts on it.

Here is what I came up with and had a designer at cliq put together.

I have no idea what rules (if any) exist when designing a home office. So please critique away. Don't spare my feelings, I appreciate honest constructive criticism.

Overall Design:
 photo Office2-sm_zpsc735e3ed.jpg

View from the Doorway:
 photo Office1-sm_zps115e1651.jpg

Backwall, 4 large filing drawers, shelves for books, and storage:
 photo Office3_zps5ae3eadc.jpg

Side peninsula, printers will go here, cartridges, paper, etc in the cabinet under.
 photo Office4_zpse6ce0ae9.jpg

Front of room, side of my "desk" area. Drawers for pens, paper, and misc office things. Corner cabinet will hide most of the wiring/plugs:
 photo Office5_zpsbd3f8e62.jpg

 photo Office7_zps2a17cb51.jpg

Rest of my "desk". Open area for my desktop. Would be open in the front and back to allow for ventilation. Large area for my feet and so I can slide to the side to work on other things.
 photo Office6_zps5fb8bcc0.jpg

 photo Office8_zpsece145ba.jpg


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Kitchen Design - Take 2

posted by: Dizzy149 on 01.27.2014 at 03:44 am in Kitchens Forum

This is a sketch of the main floor of the house:
 photo MainFloor-sm_zpsb9a92165.jpg

First off. We will be taking the kitchen down to studs and running gas for the rangetop. Water and electrical can be moved, so all appliances can be moved.
Ceiling height 105.5"

Here is a sketch of the kitchen completely empty:
 photo KitchenEmpty-sm_zpsc19855ef.jpg

Existing: Sub Zero 650/S Fridge (36x27x84)
Existing: Maytag MMV5156 Above Oven Microwave (30wx16h)
Electrolux EW30EW65GS Double Oven
Samsung 80F800 Dishwasher
Edgestar TWR282S-KF Wine Cooler (18" wide)
Wolf 45" Low Profile CTEWH45 Hood
36" Gas Rangetop (Still Deciding between Capital, Wolf and Dacor)

An organized, working kitchen for a busy family.

Must Have:
Gas Cooktop/Rangetop
Passthrough to Dining Room

Seating for Kids
Small "Bar" area for wine and mixing drinks (wife's fancy coffee maker would go there as well)
Undercounter/hidden trash cans (tired of the dogs getting into the trash)

Family Makeup:
Wife and I are in our mid 30s. We have a 10yr old son, and a 4yr old daughter. We have two dogs as well. One is a gigantic boxer.

My wife and I do cook. I do most of the "family" cooking, and she does most of the "party" cooking.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are always at our house, and will have 10-20 people, with 1/3 to 1/2 kids. Aside from that, we might have some friends over a few times a year. We're not huge on entertaining.

The kids tend to 'hang out' when we cook (no matter how many times we ask them not to). So instead of fight it, we'd like to give them some seating in the corner. We were thinking a corner nook similar to:
 photo Nook_zps0a869470.jpg

We have a separate dining room that we eat in most of the time. We would like to open the kitchen up to the dining area. We feel a passthrough would open up the rooms, and provide a place to put food for serving during regular meals or while entertaining. It would not be used as seating/eating area. We will make the passthrough fancy on the dining room side with something similar to this:
 photo PassthroughArch_zps37796eff.jpg

We will have something nice in the kitchen too, but not nearly as fancy.

Here are two designs we came up with:
 photo KitchenDesign2-sm_zps8588f57e.jpg

 photo KitchenU-sm_zpsdf544352.jpg

Organization Concerns:
Originally I was going to have a pot rack over an island, but we nixed the island. I think I can put the pots/pans under the Rangetop. Never know where to put the lids though.
We like the plates/bowls in a lower cabinet so the kids can get dishes for themselves easily. Cups would be in an upper cabinet.
We currently have *ONE* full size drawer in the whole kitchen for the silverware. It is under the cooktop and the worst possible place ever! I want to ensure that doesn't happen again.

As always, all thoughts, ideas and comments are greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Help, Window Replacements are Killing Me!

posted by: Dizzy149 on 01.25.2014 at 08:40 pm in Remodeling Forum

I have a 1930s home that we are fixing up. The basement was finished at one point, but they ripped out all of the flooring to get rid of asbestos. There are a bunch of windows in the basement (9-10) in the basement that are just terrible.

I work from home, and my office is in the basement. Right now there is no carpet, and concrete walls, and I'm lucky if it gets above 60 degrees down here.
I know one of the big issues is the windows. You can stand by one and feel a draft from a few feet away! I put some 2" foam insulation in them and it holds 66-68 degrees pretty steady not (thermostat is set at 72).

The windows are an old metal frame with a single pane of glass set in the frame.
 photo BasementWindow-sm_zps1b608191.jpg

This particular window is in the old bedroom that will become my new office. I will be framing the walls and adding insulation, as well as a 8lb pad and carpet. That alone should help warm it up, but I still need to replace the windows.

I had a company come out and quote me some prices for the windows and I'm trying to figure out if they are crazy, or what.

They want $350 (for 4.0 Glass), and $419 (for 6.3 Glass) for a fixed 32 x 17 window to replace the one above. $428 and $518 for a Single Side Slider. And then an additional $230 to install it. That brings the total to $580 - $649 PER WINDOW! I'm sorry, but I think that is just crazy for basement windows.

I have 5 that I need to replace in the next month or so, 2 should be sliders, and the other 3 can be fixed.

I would appreciate some advice on how to handle replacing these windows that isn't going to break the bank.



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Trying to decide on a 48" or 36" Gas Cooktop

posted by: Dizzy149 on 01.23.2014 at 03:41 am in Appliances Forum

We are about to start a complete kitchen renovation. We are taking it down to the studs and rebuilding it.

I am trying to find a good gas cooktop to put in. I would like a 36" or 48" cooktop. I do a lot of cooking, so this will be one of the most important things in the kitchen (we already have a Sub Zero fridge that currently looks REALLY out of place in our 1940s kitchen).

I currently have a really old 30" electric cooktop with 4 burners + warmer. I will have 2-3 things going at one time. Tonight I had a large pot cooking pasta, a sauce pan with sauce, a small pot steaming veggies, and I was cooking meatballs in a skillet. Needless to say, it was a bit cramped.

I LOVE the idea of 3x 14" grills on the Dacor Discovery EG486. I have looked at others, and they have 3x 12" grills and a grill/griddle. I would prefer a grill/griddle that goes on top of the existing grills and not waste space on something that I might not use often.

The Dacor is priced at $4500, and I was hoping to be closer to $3500, but at the same time, I don't want a cheapo cooktop.

Any thoughts or recommendations?



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Need Some Help With Kitchen Design Details

posted by: Dizzy149 on 01.23.2014 at 06:56 pm in Kitchens Forum

In April we will embark on a 6 month journey of major renovations on our home. One of the most important ones is of course our kitchen.

We designed this about a year ago when we first knew we were going to renovate the kitchen, and now that I have a budget and timeframe, I want to put finishing details on it.

I included a link to our design below.

We are set on the door color/style for the cabinets.
We are open to color/style ideas for the island.
The flooring will be replaced with 3/4" x 5" Brazilian Koa (aka Tigerwood)
We wanted granite for practical reasons (heat resistance, durability, cleanliness, etc), as well as resale. We selected Uba Tuba because we wanted a darker color w/o going black, and Uba Tuba was offered us the best choice for the budget.
(When looking at the overall design), to the left is the dining room. We will be cutting a hole in that wall between them to create a large bar/passthrough next to the window.

We have a Sub Zero fridge that we will of course be keeping, and it will stay where it is currently located. We also have a newer stainless steel above-range microwave that we will keep.

The design includes a standard 30" range, but we have decided that we would like a double oven, and a gas rangetop.

I would like the Electrolux EW30EW65GS, but at $3k, it is a bit over my budget of $2750. I am hoping to find a good deal on one in the next few months, but I would appreciate options for a slightly cheaper alternative.

We know we want a rangetop, but are going back and forth on the size. I am in love with the 48" Dacor Discovery. I do quite a bit of cooking on the stove, and with the one I have now it is very crowded with I have 3-4 pans going. I love the idea of the 14" grates. The griddle is nice and I like that it can be put on top. The grill isn't a big deal for me, I'd rather use my gas grill outside any chance I can :)

Additionally, my wife would prefer a stainless steel hood like Wolf 45" Low Profile CTEWH45(I). We have had cabinets over the cooktop before and they just never get used.

So, here is where I need some help:
1) Is my overall design conducive for a 36/48" Rangetop? Suggestions for the rangetop?
2) Should I get rid of the over range cabinet, as well as the cabinet to the left to accommodate the hood?
3) Thoughts on placement of the double oven? My initial thought was next to the fridge, but then I wasn't sure where to put the microwave.
4) Thoughts on the granite/uba tuba selection?
5) Thoughts/Suggestions/Ideas for the island? It uses a 24" base cabinets, and 12" wall cabinets, and I'm just not sure what I'm going to put in the wall cabinets.
5) Any and all comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen Design


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