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HAVE: Newbie Seed Project 2012-13 - packs available

posted by: bakemom on 12.24.2012 at 08:33 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

The Newbie Seed Project is back. Thanks to our generous donors, I have packs ready for five stamps and a mailing label for postage.

This is a totally benevolent - I want nothing, and the seeds are my choice. Minimum 20 seed packs per Newbie Pack.

Right now, it is flowers only. Post here and your post will go to my email and I will send you my addy. 24 hour turnaround time.

Have fun.


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have: radish seeds in bulk!

posted by: MissVillainess on 01.17.2013 at 04:42 am in Seed Exchange Forum

I can send anything from a tablespoon to 3 measuring cups full of each.
I only have Hailstone & White Icicle radishes left.


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