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Reliable Dryer???

posted by: Darlene305 on 07.24.2013 at 05:39 pm in Laundry Room Forum

Help! I am in need of a new dryer after using a Kenmore for 12 years. All of my online research has left me overwhelmed. I can find TONS of info on the "best" dryers as far as features, but very little on long-term reliability/repair rates. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, it is just my husband and me, but I'd like something a step up from basic that definitely has moisture sensing and continued tumbling when the buzzer goes off and I need it to dry thick towels fairly quickly. Our local appliance dealer said Fisher & Paykel are good, but most of what I have found online disputes that. Maybe Whirlpool or Electrolux?? I would appreciate replies regarding your long-term experiences with specific brands. Thanks!


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