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Big Chill Stove (was RE: Hoping to hear about the Big Chill Pro G (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: CliffStoll on 09.29.2014 at 01:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi there,

(Note added after posting - this is about the original Retro Style Big Chill stove, not the "PRO" line. Glancing at the Big Chill website, the two versions seem quite similar. The following comments are about our Retro stove)

Two years ago, my wife and I purchased a Big Chill stove for our California Bungalow. I posted a photo and a short review here on Gardenweb. (scroll down the link to find my comments)

We're still quite happy with the stove. Especially like its terrific looks and solid, simple features (nothing electronic!). And, of course, it's easy to throw together a meal in the very solid cooking surface.

Downsides? The spill-catching pans around the four burners are difficult to clean, because they have rectangular corners. (Smooth, rounded corners would be better). The convection fan is a bit noisy, but we hardly ever use it. And the oven door gets hot.

Yes, as MKWBear says, the burner-hobs are round, not the star-shapes of Blue Star. The flames on the front burners are spread out, and work fine for large pots & pans. But the morning coffee pot needs a smaller flame, so it goes to the back-burner.

In short, we're delighted with our retro Big Chill range. Happy to answer any questions; if you're in the bay area/Berkeley, stop by and you can play with it. Hey - we can make some chocolate chip cookies together!

Here is a link that might be useful: CliffStoll's Big Chill review on Gardenweb

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