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Feedback please on my apple variety choices in southern climate

posted by: Chris-7b-GA on 09.07.2014 at 02:32 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

Hey gang, I have convinced a friend to take the plunge and purchase 6 dwarf apple trees this fall. He is a total fruit growing novice and has asked me to pick the varieties. I am looking for varieties that will be ripening August thru late October without much overlap.

My priorities are:

1. Above average to excellent taste, favoring sweet and complex types right off the tree without needing cold storage.
2. Varieties that are known to be productive and dependable. (Thus ruling out Ashmead's Kernel and Rubinette) Also ruling out smallish size varieties.
3. Varieties that are not overly difficult to grow or that require extra sprays. (Told my friend he will be spraying at least 6 times a season)

Here is initial list of possibilities I have come up with so far.

summer- early season: Sansa
early fall: Crimson Crisp
fall: Grimes Golden, and/or - Kidds Orange Red, Suncrisp, White Winter Pearmain, or Roxbury Russett
late fall: Goldrush

I am reading conflicting articles that Grimes Golden needs cold storage for best taste so not sure about that one.
Most of these seem to be dependable types but I am just not sure if they are dependable here in the deep south.

I am near Atlanta close to the 7b/8a zone line, thanks for your help, Chris.


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