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RE: Which Portable Generator?? (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: ChipinCT on 11.08.2011 at 12:19 am in Electrical Wiring Forum

Well, I just got some serious use of my Honeywell HW7500E generator (7,500 running Watts / 9,375 Starting Watts) I bought in 2009 for $999 including shipping.

I used it for 8 days straight that we were without power here in Suffield CT. I shut it down during the day for a few hours since it was nice weather (after the snow...), but otherwise I ran my house for 8 days with this for at least 19 hours per day. My largest loads were my well pump (340 ft deep with a 1C HP pump) and my boiler (hot water & baseboard heating). But, I also ran a full size freezer, full size fridge, 1800W microwave, two garage door openers, 65 inch plasma TV , virtually all the lights in the house (not that we turned them all on at once), washing machine, and even my son's Wii! Basically, the only things I didn't run was our dryer or oven.

This was my 4th use of the genny since I bought it, which previously, I used it twice for about 8-12 hours and once for 30 hours.

I bought mine at, although I see this model is now discontinued.

I should add for the most part the running load in my house was under 1000 watts. When the well pump and boil turn on, they draw a surge, but once started, the running load was quite low. Running the microwave to cook dinner was the largest load on it. When the nuke turned on with the freezer, fridge, heat and well pump running, the load was about 2200 Watts on that one leg.

So, I don't know... I am certainly not complaining. Some neighbors genny's failed during this extended stretch... mine didn't. Ran like a champ and still does. Do I think the power quality is perfect - doubtful, but it sure beats no power! Mine does not leak oil or stall. My only gripe is it's difficult to pour oil from the quart into the filler, but I just stuck a tube onto the end of a funnel. I did change the oil twice in these 8 days as I have read these things are tough on oil. Manual states to change only every 100 hours, but...

Your mileage may vary ;)

Good luck!


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