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What plants do you suggest for a butterfly/hummingbird garden?

posted by: hermie3rd on 02.27.2013 at 11:06 am in Hummingbird Garden Forum

Hi! I have a flower bed that I am planning on turning into a butterfly/hummingbird garden. It is on the north side of our house, and on a slope. If I had to guess, I would say it is probably 10 feet wide by 15 feet long. (Although I'm horrible at estimating spaces). It is a bed my husband and I created when we moved into our house, so it's pretty much a blank canvas. So far, I've only planted 4 butterfly bushes on the side of the bed that borders the house. My hope is to hide the ugly concrete that is underneath our siding. I would like suggestions on plants (bushes, flowers, anything!) to provide the best environment for butterflies and hummingbirds to come to.

Also, we have a 6 foot privacy fence that borders the one side of the bed, so climbing plants are welcome too! I would like them to not be too invasive though, because our vegetable garden is on the other side. :)

Thank you!


This thread has good planting suggestions listed.
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Punch list

posted by: downsy on 02.04.2013 at 02:20 pm in Building a Home Forum

I remember back when we closed - I had found a punch list posted here by someone and printed it out. That was over a year ago and I now I have a friend who is closing soon and I told her I'd find it.

EEK - I can't find it. I've searched on various words with no luck.

Does anyone remember the thread? It was basically everything to look for on the final walk through with the builder.



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