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Week 2 of it's growth and no ID

posted by: CWatson89 on 03.26.2013 at 12:40 am in Growing from Seed Forum

I posted this about 1 week or so ago in the rose forum because I thought the seedling on the right in the pic was a rose seedling when it was still just coming out of the soil. I still have yet to identify it. The soil in the container I bought at lowes and the only thing I've veer grown in it is the mini rose bush and it has been that way since christmas. But one day I looked in the container and there was a random sprout. The container has never been outside, I never open my window, and I never handle seeds near the container ever. Any idea what it is? When it sprouted it had 4 leaves, now it has what to me looks like pepper leaves coming from the center but I cannot identify this with any pepper seedling image online.


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This Should Help Everyone

posted by: CWatson89 on 03.19.2013 at 01:25 am in Growing from Seed Forum

So I'm taking classes online and one of the assignments included making a chart of some sort and I decided to make a Seedling Chart to keep track of seeds that have been planted and the progress of them weekly. I've decided to share what I made with everyone on here so you guys can keep track of your seed progress after planting. Hope it's helpful to you guys!

I decided to upload 3 different charts to mediafire in one file. There's a Week 1-6 Chart, 7-12, and a 13-18. They're simple charts, nothing special. I wasn't sure where to post this but I figured posting in the seed section would be the best.


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Peach Tree Gloria

posted by: CWatson89 on 03.15.2013 at 03:40 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

So my roommate decided to order a peach tree through burpee and its arrived. I've gone online and read a few things and watched a few videos but no one clearly states how to care for or whats the proper planting method. So I was curious if anyone was willing to share a few tips with me on how to care for this tree since my roommate is clueless and has assigned me the task of caring for it,lol. It's a Gloria Peach Tree. I live in fayetteville, nc or Zone 8 if it's easier.


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Easy Propagation Chamber

posted by: little_dani on 10.05.2005 at 08:34 pm in Plant Propagation Forum

I make a little propagation chamber that is so easy, and so reliable for me that I thought I would share the idea. I have not seen one like it here, and I did look through the FAQ, but didn't find one there either. I hope I did not miss it, and I hope I do not offend anyone by being presumptive in posting this here.

That said....

This is what you will need.
A plastic shoebox, with a lid. They come in various sizes, any will do.

Soil less potting mix, half peat, half perlite, or whatever is your favorite medium.
A little clay pot, with the drain hole plugged with caulking or silicone. If this is a new pot, scrub it with some steel wool to be sure it doesn't have a sealer on it. You want the water to seep through it.
Rooting hormone powder or liquid, or salix solution from the willow tree.
Plant material, snippers. I am going to pot some Plectranthus (a tall swedish ivy) and a Joseph's Coat, 'Red Thread'. I already have some succulents rooted in this box. I will take them out and pot them up later, DH has a new cacti pot he wants to put them in.
You can see here, I hope, that I fill the clay pot to the top with rain water, well water, or distilled water. I just don't use our tap water, too much chlorine and a ph that is out of sight.

I pour a little of the hormone powder out on a paper plate or a piece of paper, so that I don't contaminate the whole package of powder. And these little 'snippers' are the best for taking this kind of cuttings.

This is about right on the amount of hormone to use. I try to get 2 nodes per cutting, if I can. Knock off the excess. It is better to have a little too little than to have too much.
Then, with your finger, or a pencil, or stick, SOMETHING, poke a hole in the potting mix and insert your cutting. Pull the potting mix up around the cutting good and snug.

When your box is full, and I always like to pretty much fill the box, just put the lid on it, and set it in the shade. You don't ever put this box in the sun. You wind up with boiled cuttings. YUK!

Check the cuttings every few days, and refill the reservoire as needed. Don't let it dry out. If you happen to get too wet, just prop the lid open with a pencil for a little while.
This is a very good method of propagation, but I don't do roses in these. The thorns just make it hard for me, with my big fingers, to pack the box full. All kinds of other things can be done in these. Just try it!



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Propagation Chamber

posted by: jbest123 on 08.14.2007 at 03:50 pm in Plant Propagation Forum

Let me start by saying that, I used the propagation box from with great success. The box filled with wet coarse sand and an aquarium weighed 60 to 70 lb, which was a little to heavy for me to be moving around (I'm almost 70 yrs old). I made 6 boxed and they are still in good use by my Daughter and Son in law. I liked the idea of little_dani's Easy Propagation Chamber but thought it would be a little to small for my use.
I found 2 food storage containers at Walmart one a 20 quart and one a 12 quart with the same dimensions around the perimeter. I drilled six 5/8 in holes for drainage in the 12 quart container, and lade a piece of hardware cloth on the bottom to keep the potting soil from washing out. (photo 1) There is a little gap at both ends of the containers, allowing for ventilation, no need for further holes. ( photo 2) . For the potting soil I use 50/50 peat moss and vermiculite. What I like about the near transparent container for the bottom is you can see root development and water needs. Photo 3 shows root development and beads of condensation which indicates adequate air space and water. Each container will hold 120 to130 cuttings and all seem to be doing well and pass the tug test. (photo 4) When I stick the cuttings, I will leave them outside in the shade for 1 week and then move them to the greenhouse. Six chambers fit on an 8 ft shelf very nicely. (photo 5). I also use a 24 in bungie cord to keep the two containers aligned.


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Is this a seedling?

posted by: CWatson89 on 03.14.2013 at 01:00 pm in Rose Propagation Forum

I'm use to growing roses from cuttings and placing them in soil and growing that way but I just happened to check on my mini rose plant this morning that I've had for almost a year and I spot this tiny sprout int he container...what is it? could it be a rose sprout? There's nothing else around that would place seeds in it.


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HAVE: Prickly Pear Cacti Seeds

posted by: CWatson89 on 03.14.2013 at 01:40 am in Seed Exchange Forum

As you can tell from the pic I have plenty and I get way more every year from the cacti I have in my yard when I harvest the fruits. I'm willing to trade but I'm not sure what for yet,lol. Any Ideas? I already dried them and cleaned them the best I could and I've even grown more from the seeds so I know they're healthy. Not sure of the variety but I do know they have the violet color fruits and look like beating hearts when cut open. People where hate dealing with the cacti in their yard and don't realize the fruit it bears and I get more all the time and I even give them some of the fruit when it's ripe.


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Need Tips on Dragon Fruit

posted by: CWatson89 on 03.14.2013 at 12:57 am in Growing from Seed Forum

I live in Fayetteville, NC and I've been trying to grow Dragon Fruit from the seed for over two years now and have barely found any info online that would help someone like me who lives in my region. I've grown Carolina Reaper Peppers, Roses, Mints, Tomatoes, pretty much the whole nine yards around here with no issue and I even have a a ton of prickly pear cacti that I've grown and they bloom fruit every year. But I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on DF. I know they can't withstand the cold, they don't like a lot of water, I grow mine in a burpee self watering tray which has a greenhouse lid for it and now for the first time im using a grow light as well to hopefully increase my chances. I'd really like to grow these in NC and basically have a monopoly on it in my area lol. Any tips would be nice.


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