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Islands...all one level or raised area for seating?

posted by: lavender_lass on 02.24.2011 at 10:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

I know this has come up before, but the post on Christopher Peacock's new kitchen design has me thinking...his kitchen island has a higher level, for the seating area, with a counter height prep area that's butcher block. Is this a sign of things to come?

While large, single level islands are all the rage in the magazines...I often wonder if people really keep their kitchens looking so perfect in real life. Of course, some people may, but I don't (just being honest) LOL. I'm a messy cook, with a capital M, but I have a lot of fun cooking. However, since I'm planning to have my kitchen, open to my dining area, I'm starting to think that a raised area for the stools might hide a lot of...well, creative process, shall we say :)

While I can see that one large expanse of a beautiful material, like marble or granite, is very striking...I've also seen areas of wood and even stainless steel on a large island. Would the two tier make that easier, design wise? Would having one material for prep and another for guests, be easier with this design? Maybe marble for baking and wood for seating area...or wood for prep and quartzite for the seating area? Or stainless steel and wood...see there are a lot of options, here.

So, for all those with single level islands, how do you like them? Same question to those with more than one you like them? And if you're still in the planning stages, which way are you leaning?


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RE: What color stain for my white oak floors?? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: Lake_Girl on 03.31.2011 at 11:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thanks so much.

Avesmor - If it's not too much trouble to find the mix you used? Is it minwax?

They're laying the wood tomorrow...a little nervous, AND tired from moving piano, two sofas, tables, an armoire, and more junk that may not make it back in when it's all over. Whew!


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making bath soap last

posted by: sheilajoyce on 12.20.2010 at 03:29 pm in Money Saving Tips Forum

I was reminded as I unwrapped the newly bought bars of Dial bath soap to remind everyone how to make bath bars last. Unlike Dial from 50 years ago, they now wrap the Dial bars in a plastic wrapper. Therefore, the bar is moist to the touch. That means it will dissolve much, much faster. They used to wrap the bars in loosely sealed paper, and so the bars dried out and took longer to melt into water and washcloths. So unwrap your soap bars and stick them in your underwear and other dresser drawers and your linen closet. Everything will smell so fresh, but the bars will have a chance to harden and will last so much longer.


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Let's see your window seats

posted by: CCinTX on 01.21.2011 at 12:14 am in Building a Home Forum

I need some ideas for a window seat in an area that is 6 1/2 wide, and 10 ft deep.
Would love to see pics!


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Biggest Mistakes?

posted by: krycek1984 on 09.08.2010 at 01:54 am in Building a Home Forum

Hey all!

I was just wondering what you all thought were the biggest mistakes first-time home builders make. I think this would be a great thread and I would really love for all of you to share your hard-earned wisdom! I'm sure I'd love to avoid all the pitfalls, as would others.

Also, what mistakes did you make that you would hope others wouldn't? It could be anything from floor plan, to outside appearance, to something as simple as not enough light switches!

Can't wait to see the responses!


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