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RE: Capital Culinarian problems - RESOLVED! (Follow-Up #44)

posted by: BrightFutureFoods on 07.18.2012 at 02:11 pm in Appliances Forum

Many thanks to Trevor at Eurostoves and the good folks at Capital that took my concerns very seriously and sent an extremely competent professional out to fix my oven problem.

Thanks to Trevor for contacting Capital on my behalf. I received a personal phone call from one of Capital's engineer/designers who was genuinely concerned with my issue and took the time to explain to me what he felt was causing the problem. There's an orifice where the gas flows to the burner that he indicated they had concerns with and sent an area technician a part to replace mine with a smaller orifice.

You'll see in this picture the carbonization only on the back 3/4 of my burner pre-repair indicating that the front of the burner wasn't igniting properly and the back likely had too much air. This is why the back was burning and the front was undercooking:

Following the orifice replacement and air-shutter adjustment, you can see a nice, uniform blue flame across the entire burner:

Although it wasn't part of the repair order, the technician went through adjustment of both ovens' air-shutters, all six burners and the grill to ensure that they were all properly adjusted.

I'm not the "baker" in the house (so these aren't pretty), but I threw together some quick popovers to test the oven and got a much more even bake:

I can confidently say that I am now very pleased with the performance of the main oven. The small one is o.k. but's a tiny oven and does work better after the air shudder adjustment.

The technician provided a tremendous amount of quality information about the technical operation of the machine. As a prior poster indicated, he recommended pre-heating for far longer than the light indicator would suggest noting that the oven cycles through a heat range such and such degrees below and above the set temp in order to reach that "average temp." He noted that letting it cycle through up to 5 times will allow everything to heat up to a degree such that the swing in temp will be less severe, and opening the oven to check/adjust/baste, whatever will have less impact on the avg. temp.

I'm not sure I got all of this exactly correct, but that's the gist of it.

Anyway I am in love with my CC range and Capital's customer service response. They really seemed to care about the performance of their machine. If someone from Capital reads this, apart from my gratitude, I want you to know how impressed we were with the technician you sent, "Louis Pregent" who traveled 1 hour to our home. This guy really knows what he's doing, seems to appreciate and understand the engineering of the equipment and takes the time to help his customer understand the problem and solution.

Again, thanks Trevor for intervening on our behalf. I highly recommend anyone in the market toward purchasing your CC through Eurostoves!

Happy to address any questions anyone on the board might have. Sorry it took me so long to follow-up. It's been fixed for a while, I just didn't find the time to get on here.




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