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RE: Comprehensive budget range hoods thread (Follow-Up #25)

posted by: MichaelMcC on 03.17.2013 at 09:39 pm in Appliances Forum

I searched and pondered these same questions. Opted for Zephyr 685 cfm ZSAE30BS. 699.00 vented uutside. I think they call it "Savona" I have 30" all gas GE cafe double oven range. I must say, we've been very pleased. I'm tall and I cook every day. This hood has a rounded front and no sharp edges. Mounted appropriately..28* above cook top in my case, workS just fine. At regular speeds, low or medium, I have great venting without make up air issues. At high speed, I do need to tie down my dog as he begins to slide toward the kitchen-and the volume increases significantly. It does, clear the air-quickly. works, and I think it's pretty nice looking. I don't run a professional kitchen but I do use mine very frequently. This unit is more than adequate for my needs. It didn't break the bank.


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RE: Comprehensive budget range hoods thread (Follow-Up #20)

posted by: KarenSwift on 08.09.2012 at 04:01 pm in Appliances Forum

I have purchased several hoods from Proline for a few kitchens I designed, starting in early 2011 and the most recent was in june 2012. They have really nice and beautiful hoods and I love that they are logo-less.

In my experience, there can be issues with the customer service on certain models or things that go on back order if you get unlucky, which it seems Kathleen1945 did. This happened to me when I ordered one that was shipping from a different warehouse and it was backed up. But I just talked to them and changed to a model they had in stock and there wasn't any problem.

The thing you do when dealing with them is simply call them first and make sure they have it in stock and that they don't have any issues with the one you want. you really won;t have any problems. One of my hoods I found out had a a problem with the fan in it that was making it really noisy, I guess they said one of the propellers got reversed or something. I didn't have any trouble getting them to immediately replace it. All of the other ones were fine when they arrived.

If you are on a budget, this is the best place to get a vent hood. It is kind of a bummer they don;t sell other kitchen appliances. Proline's hoods are great if you want something that is good quality but are ok with it not having a Viking logo on it.

I think it is odd that somebody would buy one of these hoods and then pay somebody $600 to install it, the hole point of these hoods is that they are inexpensive and if you are even mildly handy you can install it yourself and save tons of money. Buying a proline instead of a Viking and installing it myself instead of paying a contractor saves me about $2000. Just like buying ANYTHING online, you can get really good deals on great stuff, but you have to be smarter about it than you would if you walked into a store.

I personally would go with this model I linked instead of that one at the beginning of this thread. It's cheaper and it's prettier.

Here is a link that might be useful: This Hood


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