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RE: 'Velcro' bedskirt - Do you have or like? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: juneroses on 08.10.2011 at 02:47 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Marthabr: It was easier to get a good picture of my king bed. The only difference between this and the queen is that I also made two panels for the end of the bed. I've flipped up the bed cover so you can see more of the skirt:


The panels below belong to another project (final ironing yet to be done) but will give you an idea of the pieces for the side of the bed:

Here are 3 side pieces: two larger ones and a smaller underlap piece:


When you pin each piece to the bedspring, this is how they will overlap:


You can easily make the area of the underlap larger or smaller so that it all fits the length of your bed. Likewise you can tuck more or less between the mattress and springs so the depth is perfect.

I don't have a footboard on my bed so you can see that there is an underlap piece at the corner and then the larger end of the bed piece is attached.


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