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Tomato seedlings won't grow

posted by: Alyonka on 05.15.2013 at 02:15 pm in Organic Gardening Forum

Hello Everybody

I started my tomato seedlings by winter sowing method at March.
On the beginning everything were fine. They were growing closed containers.
Then I opened it, when it got warm. I didn't water too much, because soil was wet enough. Some nights was cold and I didn't cover seedlings.
Now seedling almost doesn't grow.
On the beginning I thought that problem was that I didn't transfer seedling on separate containers. But even after I did, they not doing too well.
Can somebody tell me what could be wrong?
I used mix of peat moss + vermiculite + perlite for seedlings.
Pots with seedling on full sun now.
Please help.


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