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What is this pink stalk flower?

posted by: Alexis2502 on 09.06.2013 at 12:39 pm in Name That Plant Forum

Can anyone identify this for me? It is currently is a pot in my yard. We just bought the property and there are all kinds of great plants but few I can identify. Thanks in advance for the help..


Use and Management
Rain and irrigation weigh the foliage down and cause the branches to spread out, sometimes touching the ground. This limits height growth and opens up the plant to allow light to enter the interior, stimulating growth from the lower stem and inner branches. It has a place in almost every garden in USDA hardiness zones 8b through11.
Jacobinia should be grown on rich, well-drained soil that receives ample moisture in a location shaded from full-day sun. Although tender to frost, plants will grow back quickly in springtime in USDA hardiness zones 8 and 9. The only necessary pruning during the growing season should be limited to removal of dead flower heads or occasional pinching to stimulate branching. Since flowers form on new growth, prune early in the spring so flower display is not reduced. This increases the number of branches and flowers and creates an attractive, full plant. Older plants benefit from rejuvenation type pruning where most of the taller stems are cut back to a node close to the ground. If this is performed each year, plants should last for many years.
Propagation is by cuttings.
Nematodes and spider mites. Caterpillars occasionally chew portions of the foliage, but these will not kill the plant.
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