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IKEA Gnosjo Base Cabs, Applad Uppers, what counter?

posted by: AlexJouJou on 06.18.2013 at 12:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am on a time crunch with my remodel. I'm going with IKEA Gnosjo black/brown Base Cabinets and trying to decide if I want to go two tone with white uppers (Applad most likely) or stick with black brown.

I need a quick countertop solution in addition to deciding on whether to two tone the cabs or not. One of the major issues is it all has to "match" (or more accurately not clash!) with verde butterfly granite which is my breakfast bar and it's very large Ell so it is dominant...which is why I wanted a very low key laminate.

I have a L corner in the kitchen and my contractor would prefer already mitered laminate as it is easier to deal with or I would just go with IKEA laminate countertops which are even cheaper. I may still do that.

I have white appliances.

I had a countertop picked out when I was going with more expensive white cabinets- but that is out of the budget. I'm thinking of Pearl Sandstone WilsonArt Laminate for now and will replace later with a higher end counter.

However I don't know if mixing all three colors will work. I have a neutral laminate floor going in.

I'm thinking with the black cabinet's (if I go all black) a plain white counter is best but I hate plain white laminate and Solid Surface is too much $$ and will take too long to get.

If I go mix with black lower/white upper will this laminate work or is it too much? What other alternative do I have that is ready within the next 2 weeks? Oiy!

I'm attaching colors in pictures so you can see.

Ideas? Help? should I do two tone cabinets or just go with solid black/brown? For now I'd paint a gray color on walls potentially and then a plain white subway tile back splash with gray grout later on which would help tie in the colors.


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