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RE: pls show me your white kitchens (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: pipdog on 10.14.2012 at 02:11 am in Kitchens Forum

Madre Perla quartzite & BM White Dove cabs:


rail and finished sides
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RE: pls show me your white kitchens (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: nini804 on 10.13.2012 at 08:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have white(ish) c-tops, but they are marble, not granite. I like the light look.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


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It's done and I love it!

posted by: mpagmom on 08.30.2012 at 04:55 pm in Kitchens Forum

Our house is a new build and we started moving in about 2 months ago, but I just got the last dining room shade hung last night. I've been posting pictures here and there and wasn't really planning doing a "reveal," but a couple people asked about it so here it is. If nothing else, it can show people what NOT to do. :)

I know it sounds trite, but I REALLY want to thank all of you for your help. Buehl was particularly helpful in tweaking the design. Rhome410, steph2000, breezygirl, and many others were there for me during my backsplash angst. I had already chosen my windows before I saw PPS7's kitchen, but seeing hers helped me feel comfortable with the decision. Her kitchen also inspired my island design. I can't name everyone that inspired me, but know that I appreciate your input.

I was going for a calm kitchen with easy-care contertops. My husband was going for "happy." When I told him about the sweeby test, he responded by writing this:


"I want my kitchen to be tranquil, soothing, calm and happy. It should be cozy and bright, too.

"The perfect backsplash for my kitchen will not add an element of romance or whimsy but it might have a fish tile in it. Even a bear tile would be nice, as long as it's not within striking distance of the fish.

My perfect countertop will be level and divert attention from the mess my kids have made in the living room. When friends see it they will remark, 'Have you lost weight?' and 'You're looking quite dashing today!'

But most of all, my ideal kitchen will make my wife happy. Every time she sees it she'll smile at both the design and with fond memories of the process she used to create it. My ideal kitchen will perfectly match my wife's kitchen mission statement, even if it doesn't quite match mine."

Isn't he cute? I'm not sure if I have fond memories of the process - it's more of a fog. I was trying to make a million decisions about the entire house, so some details fell through the cracks. I don't know who picked out the crown moulding, but it wasn't me. I told the KD I wanted something simple, and sometime later this was installed. At least it's 10 feet off the ground! But I still smile when I see the backsplash, and I feel like the space is happy. Oh, and it works great as a kitchen. I just tested out the lunch-making, breakfast-eating, homework-finishing morning rush for the last week and it came through for me!

On to the details:

Cabinets: Locally-made Amish painted white (it's their standard white)

Countertops: Leathered Kodiak Brown granite

Backsplash: Sunflower mosaic in ming green marble from Saltillo Imports (purchased from Caledonia Tile in Indianapolis) and AKDO 3/4" x 3/4" mosaic in ming green light (it's supposed to be all light, but there seems to be dark in there)

Floors: White oak stained with Minwax Provincial and finished with satin polyurethane

Walls: Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

Knobs and pulls: Restoration Hardware Lugarno knob in satin nickel and Restoration Hardware Asbury pull in satin nickel

Faucets: Brizo Solna (loved the hidden pullout spray) standard and bar-size

Sinks: Silgranit precis super single bowl and large bowl

Stools: West Elm rustic counter stool (thanks PPS7!)

Pendants: Kichler 2665OZ in olde bronze

Refrigerator: Samsung RF266 in platinum

Dishwashwer: Bosch SHX68R55UC in stainless

Range: GE Cafe Electric

Hood: Zephyr Breeze with baffle filters

Lighting: All-Pro 5" LED recessed lights, LED under-cabinet lights, and LED puck lights.

And here are the pictures (finally!)

Full view of kitchen

Range wall


With lights on

Close-up of tile


inset uppers and overlay lower
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RE: are frameless cabinets better for a small kitchen? (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: suzannesl on 09.23.2012 at 01:37 pm in Kitchens Forum

davidro1 - do you have a picture of a set of uppers like that? I don't think I've ever run across such a thing and I'm intrigued.

To illustrate the point about space lost in framed lowers with drawers, this is a photo from the back of a lower we took out of our previous kitchen. The top section is the original drawer. The two lower shelves have been retrofitted with roll-outs. In all cases, you can see huge wasted space because the drawers/roll-outs need to be narrower than the frames at the front opening. With our frameless lower drawers, we reclaimed most of that space.


As a note: I think the rise of frameless in Europe has had a lot to do with there not being as much wood as there once was, so making what is left go further. Remember all those fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel where the forest was looming all around? Not so many forests there any more.


framed form
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RE: are frameless cabinets better for a small kitchen? (Follow-Up #26)

posted by: angela12345 on 09.24.2012 at 10:18 am in Kitchens Forum

The OP is looking at full overlay Shaker style doors and slab drawers.

For full overlay, there is very little difference in the looks of framed vs frameless. From an exterior appearance standpoint, these cabinets will basically look alike. Because the doors are full overlay, you don't see much or any of the frame and would normally have to open the door to see if the cabinet was framed or frameless.

Munchlady, framed vs frameless refers to the construction of the box, not the style of the door/drawer or the amount of overlay. This link explains the difference in framed and frameless ... BOX - construction.asp
This illustrates some different door styles available ... DOOR - style.asp
And this illustrates overlay (how much door vs how much cabinet box you see) ...

In the above two pics, the cabinet on the left is framed, and the one on the right is frameless. Looking only at the size of the opening, see how the drawer for frameless is wider from left to right and also has more open space from top to bottom. The useable drawer space is more in the frameless. If they both had the same size full overlay exterior drawer face on them, they would look alike. You would not be able to see the useable interior space until you opened the drawer.

In a small kitchen, the extra useable space from frameless could make a big difference. Estimates say frameless gives 10-15% more space, so 100 inches of framed would be 110 inches in frameless. To me, an extra 10 inches of drawer space is huge, especially when you don't have much to begin with !!

You can maximize your storage space in a small kitchen by making your upper cabinets a little deeper. I have some upper cabinets in my kitchen that are 12" deep and others that are 15" deep. There are 3 items that will not fit in my 12" deep uppers so I am forced to keep them in the 15" deep uppers, even though the 12" cabinets are a more convenient location for those items. Also, my iced tea glasses will only fit 3 deep in the 12" cabinets, but will fit 4 deep in the 15" cabinets. Over your fridge, have extra deep cabinets. The front of my fridge is even with the edge of my base cabinets and the I made the uppers over it come out as deep as the fridge.

Another way to maximize storage space in a small kitchen is to have mostly drawers with full extension glides for your lower cabinets. With pots & pans, bakeware, and other items in drawers, you can pull out the drawer and have full access to all of the items, even the stuff in the back. If you store them vertical on their edge it makes the storage even more convenient. Be sure though, that the storage will fit the items you plan to put in there. My bottom drawers are not quite deep enough for my 12" skillets and griddle to be stored vertically. All of my other pots & pans do fit in them. Permanent built in dividers like below left may limit the items that can be stored there. I have waited until my cabinets were in my kitchen to put in dividers to fit my stuff. My dividers will be able to be moved/adjusted if needed.,43722,43743

Other ideas for vertical storage ...

(Sorry!!! I went crazy with the pictures, LOL)


storage photos
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RE: are frameless cabinets better for a small kitchen? (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: davidro1 on 09.23.2012 at 07:43 am in Kitchens Forum

I can say something positive about framed cabinets. Wall cabinets might be more efficient framed than frameless. This is if they span a wall and if they are made without interior dividers. So, that makes the wall cabinets a custom built construction, not a series of boxes tacked together like lego modules. When it's one large box on the wall, a frame is a necessary component, first of all for mechanical strength, and it adds a number of vertical "stiles" that hold a series of slender upper doors in place (and gives the door hinges a place to screw onto). In this circumstance, a frame is good in terms of space, use and efficiency. The upper's doors can be partial overlay, or inset.

For base cabinets, many have posted to say frameless is best, because of the space they gained in the base cabinets (or lost when they had the frame). A drawer heavy kitchen is the way to go. (The explanation "why drawers" is in other discussion threads). This space is most valuable. Frames reduce useable space when drawers are installed in the base cabinets. In base cabinets, frames are not needed for mechanical strength. Frames are The Olde Way that once was the only way, long ago, but today there is no functional gain with a frame, so the world has gone frameless in order to get more space, more function, more of everything.

But yeah. This is a thread about the requirements of a small kitchen. A run of wall ("upper") cabinets might be made as one framed unit, in order to have slender doors and continuous shelves.


framed uppers more useful space
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Finished...cozy soapstone kitchen! Lots of pics.

posted by: fivefootzero on 07.25.2011 at 01:42 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally finished with the exception of some floor molding that can't be seen.

Old kitchen:

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 1

New kitchen:











Cabinets: Decora Hawthorne (no faux pegs) with Pheasant stain
Countertops: Belvedere soapstone from M. Teixeira
Sink: Kraus 23" Single Bowl 16 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink KBU10
Faucet: Delta Leland single handle with matching soap dispenser
Range: Kitchenaid slide in KGSS907SSS
Microwave: Kitchenaid KHMS2040WSS
Refrigerator: Kitchenaid CD French Door 72" height KFCS22EVMS
Dishwasher: Bosch SHX58E15UC
Backsplash: Home Depot Carrera Marble subway tile with pencil tile accent
Hardware: Amerock BP1590-WID Wrought Iron Dark Pulls and Amerock BP1586-WID Wrought Iron Dark Knobs
Undercabinet lighting: Juno mini-track lights

Still undecided about what to do with the door that leads to our yard. I would like to eventually get a single french door. But right now, the color is basically the color it came (primed). I'm undecided about whether to paint it white or the wall color. I'm also ambivilant about the lighting...the pendants are a bit too southwest feeling for me, but we needed to pick something and be done so this was it.

Thanks to everyone for their help, support and guidance.


bottom rail
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RE: Gray Arabesques + Super White = ? (Follow-Up #36)

posted by: beekeeperswife on 09.17.2012 at 07:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

ok, it's over folks. The gray is out. Well, this one at least.

I did like the ones peonybush posted, however, they are small. Which to me equals too busy.

And have excellent taste. Dream budget, that is one of my choices. It's sad to know how much tile costs off the top of ones head, isn't it? That tile is $100/sq foot.

And yes, had I not done arabesques before I would certainly be doing the white ones now. So, yes, they are still in the running. You never know...

I am looking at this tile right now. It is also available in "silver" and "dove". And it's available in Lux (shiney) or matte. As well as the white.

(and our good friends at Mission Stone & Tile carry it too). so that's always good for me.


bottom of cabs
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Almost Finished...lots of pics

posted by: michelle16 on 09.09.2012 at 08:28 am in Kitchens Forum

My kitchen is not completely done, I will post more pics and details when it's finished. Still waiting on a glass door and draw from the cabinet maker.Still need backsplash, am thinking of something unique from artistic tile since I only have one wall of backsplash. Still need curtains and light fixtures are on backorder till October 8th.Thanks to all who helped me along the way.Michelle


DW kitchen inset, cup pulls, glass knobs
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RE: Island toe kick and bracket feet (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: blubird on 09.08.2012 at 11:46 am in Kitchens Forum

I also have a small island - about 27x71 finished countertop. I wanted the recessed toe kick because I, personally, find it much more comfortable to stand closer to than an island, or piece of furniture, which has deco molding at its base.

It's difficult to get far enough away to get a great picture, but here you can see the legs...I'd have to lay on the floor to take a pic of the toe kick.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

In that pic you can see back doors. I originally intended to have faux doors, but since the cabs were custom, the cab maker shortened the cab depth on the other side and made shallow cabs -slightly less than 4" deep, to create this:

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

There are 3 like this across the back of the island which open with touch latches. The latches are fussier than a handle or knob, but it makes those cabs invisible.



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RE: Beekeeperswife (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: beekeeperswife on 06.29.2012 at 10:25 am in Kitchens Forum

Thanks everyone. I cannot wait to get all of the unpacking done so I can move on to the fun stuff---decorating. I will try to answer your questions here.

a2gemini--It makes me laugh you want details about that vanity. It is 2 36" vanities arranged so that the drawer stacks from each are next to each other. They are missing hardware, another error on the part of the builder. But they did not give me very good selections to choose from anyway, so I had chosen the lesser of all the evils. But, in the end, nothing showed up. I just asked the guys who are here working on installing some French Doors if I get my own hardware will they come back and drill the holes for me. They said sure. I think what makes the mirror "work" is that I had it go all the way to the ceiling and then have the lights installed on top of it. We also left a gap between the vanity and the mirror because we need to replace the top. This creamy color was as close to white as they could get. I need to do something about that, it does not match any other fixtures.

kamkar2006-The paint color is BM's Gray Owl. It is in the off white colors. Absolutely love it.

1. Super White, it is a quartzite
2. We will be installing the lighting under the cabinets and inside of them soon. We are going to use the LED lights that are on a tape, they will run up the front face of the cabinets, no lights across the top. The shelves are not touching the front face of the cabinet, there is a little space to put the lights.
3. The big one is Kraus, the island is Brizo Solna, and the beverage sink is Rohl Triflow
4.Kitchen walls are Gray Owl, the cabinets are a ML Campbell lacquer--the island is London Fog, and the perimeter is ???, the lightest color on that strip.
5. The chairs are from Overstock, they are by Safavieh. Still deciding if we need a 6th one or not. They still carry them. Except for the table, we did not buy any furniture for the house before moving in, we felt we needed to see the space first. They are very comfortable.

Again, thanks to all of you for your nice comments.



cabinet paint
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RE: show me pics of your paneled DW with full overlay cabs! (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: marcydc on 09.05.2012 at 02:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

Jeri, you may want to check but I don't think KA will be flush like the ones in the pics above. IIRC, they stick out more.

On the toe kick, just cut a piece out and slap some velcro on it and you have a removable matching toe kick!


The optimal depth for a toe kick in 3 inches. This provides an adequate recess to maintain balance while working at a counter top. After all, that is the purpose of a toe kick.
Depths greater than 3 inches do not hurt the effectiveness of the toe kick. Depths less than 3 inches should be avoided.
under dishwasher toe kicks

The optimal height for a toe kick is 3 1/2 inches. Heights up to 4 inches are common. Increasing the height over 3 1/2 inches does not hurt the effectiveness of the toe kick it just takes away from your cabinet space. Heights less than 3 1/2 inches can cause some people problems.

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water colors bathroom

posted by: tobler on 07.06.2012 at 09:59 am in Bathrooms Forum

We finally finished our untraditional master bathroom. I wanted water colors and I didn't want neutral. On i found out about a recycled surface called Chroma by 3form. We ordered, we waited months, we got the wrong color, GC had to sort out who was responsible for the mistake, we re-ordered, we waited, and we are finally done.
the counters are a translucent blue, the knobs are hand made glass from beachyrustica on etsy and the sinks are kohler sea salt.
the shower is all glass tile with glass shelves and a rain shower and hand held shower. the diverter knob is from hansgrohe and is wonderful. one piece controls temperature, water pressure and which shower head (or both at once).
the shower floor is pebbled

one of our favorite things is that the GC got us spice pull-outs in the tall corner cabinets. we keep all of our daily stuff in there such as electric toothbrushes, face wash, a radio to listen to NPR and we pull it out to wash and push it back when we are done. Our counters are always as uncluttered as in the first picture. we have lots of outlets in our cabinets. my hair dryer and flat iron are plugged in to the cabinet on the right of the makeup counter and we have a phone in the cabinet on the left.
I don't keep much in the shower. I have a bin in the bottom drawer of the sink cabinet with things I need such as shaving cream and special shampoo etc. i take the bin to the shower when I need it
the toilet is in it's own room with an opaque glass door.
the bathroom floor is dark bamboo which we used in the entire master suite.

I know this bath is different from most of the traditional ones that are posted here, but I hope it will give some people an idea of an alternative way to think about their bath.


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RE: Grey walls -- gorgeous or cold? (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: beekeeperswife on 09.04.2012 at 04:41 pm in Kitchens Forum

I used nimbus in last house in the hall bath and the master bath. Love the color.



In the current house we sampled Nimbus, but it didn't look right in here. We were only allowed to choose one color. The color that did work best here was Gray Owl. Some pictures:



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Stacked Cabinets 36 + 12 - pictures?

posted by: pinkelephant4134 on 05.09.2012 at 08:35 am in Kitchens Forum

I have 106.5" ceilings and want to take my cabinets to the ceiling with some crown modling at the top. My KD suggested 36" wall cabinets with 12" cabinets stacked on top, except above the fridge and pantry where they will be 18". Are the 12' cabinets too small? I would love to see pictures of cabinets with these dimensions fi anyone has them. I wish I could do 33" + 15" but I am going with semi-custom and there is no 33" wall cabinet option.

Thanks for your help!


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RE: Stacked Cabinets 36 + 12 - pictures? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: Angie_DIY on 07.11.2012 at 11:02 am in Kitchens Forum

I was just going to say to do 30" + 18", for the reason that GD just cited. 30/(30+18) is very, very close to the Golden Mean, which is aesthetically pleasing.


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