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RE: Red Lady papaya photos; seeds on eBay (Follow-Up #43)

posted by: loufloralcityz9 on 07.19.2010 at 09:47 am in Florida Gardening Forum

I found & bought these seeds for dwarf papaya on eBay. This is my first attempt at growing papaya in Fla. I will be growing all my papaya in 15 gallon pots outdoors during summer and bring them into a heated greenhouse for winter. Any helpful hints at growing papaya would be appreciated.


The Sunset Papaya is a dwarf papaya variety originating from the University of Hawaii. It is characterized by a short height and sweeter than average papayas that range from 1 to 1 1/2 pounds. The sunset papaya is extremely prolific which makes it appealing to the commercial growers in Hawaii.

The Waimanalo Papaya is a smaller dwarf papaya variety with more compact growth. It is ideal for those growers that want a great tasting papaya yet live in an environment that isn't suitable to growing one outside year round. The Waimanalo papaya starts fruiting when only about 2 1/2 feet tall and doesn't grow nearly as fast as most other papayas. Originating from the University of Hawaii, the fruits average 1 to 2 pounds and are very sweet. The Waimanalo Papaya keeps the best out of all the papaya varieties we sell and makes a great offering at your local farmers market.


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